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Date: 2014-11-16

It does have a lot to impress people. The first is a koala Khao Lak) this place, it is in the face of clear the andaman sea, while surrounding it is 150 square kilometers of Khao Lak Lam, Ru national forest park. The advantageous geographical condition created rich outdoor sports here.
An hour or so from here by boat, and can reach, touted as the world's one of the top ten for diving, milan islands, a whole day's milan jump island diving is why many people choose here. In the national park, tropical rain forests to hike, white water rafting, mountain bike and cavity exploration and other options. Home of flowers provide list of "adventure" a day have a thick stack of, if you want to put each experience once, enough to let you stay for half a month.
2004 tsunami, the koala is a disaster zone, where most of the tourist resources are to build after the tsunami. It helps, too, such as the home of huadu hotel can achieve some new concept. Home of flowers is completely stylish resorts, targeting a relatively young outdoor adventurers. Designers will be 36 square box of villa closely converged on the beach, is the hope each house has a good sea view, and at the same time in the relatively independent and keep enough privacy, for active young people can create a mutual understanding and communication.