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Xiyuan Hotel Beijing, 이 지역 은 서 이 환 과 서 삼 환 사이 의 교통 요지 에 위치 하고 지하철 4 호선, 6 호선 과 9 호선 과 가 깝 고 금융 거리, 베 이 징 전시관, 주택 과 도시 와 농촌 건설 부, 발 개 위, 수도 체육관, 까 르 푸 마 트, 동물원 과 인접 해 있다.
이 호텔 은 베 이 징 수도 관광 그룹 이 운영 하 는 정원 식 비 즈 니스 가든 호텔 로 다양한 객실 을 가지 고 있 으 며 각종 객실 이 천 칸 에 가 까 우 며 설비 가 완비 되 어 있다.본관 의 모든 객실 과 무선 와 이 파 이 는 모두 덮 여 있 고 행정 층 에 여러 가지 양생 베개 가 있어 서 선택 할 수 있어 서 더욱 따뜻 하고 자상 한 입주 느낌 을 줄 수 있 습 니 다.독립 된 행정 술집 에서 아침 식사 와 즐 거 운 시간 을 즐 길 수 있 습 니 다.
식당 은 여러 개의 특색 식당 을 가지 고 26 층 에 위치 한 자금 운 정 회전 식당 은 풍성 한 셀 프 식 사 를 제공 하고 360 도 에서 경성 의 아름 다운 경 치 를 조망 할 수 있다.
호텔 은 '과감하게 담당 하고 혁신 하 자' 는 경영 이념 을 계승 하여 모든 고객 에 게 완벽 한 시설 과 양질 의 서 비 스 를 제공 하고 고객 님 의 방문 을 진심으로 기대 합 니 다.
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호텔 FAQ
  • 이 호텔은 Capital Airport Beijing 에서 얼마나 떨어져 있습니까?

    공항에서 Xiyuan Hotel Beijing 26.3km.

  • Xiyuan Hotel Beijing 은(는) 공항 셔틀을 운행합니까?

    아니요, 호텔에는 픽업 서비스가 없습니다.

  • Xiyuan Hotel Beijing 의 체크인 & 체크아웃 시간은 어떻게 되나요?

    체크인 시간은 14:00이후, 체크아웃 시간은 12:00이전.

  • Xiyuan Hotel Beijing 에 수영장과 체육관 있나요?

    네, 이 호텔에는 수영장과 체육관 있습니다 과 피트니스 센터. 수영장 및 다른 시설에 대한 상세 내용은 이 페이지에서 확인하시기 바랍니다.

  • Xiyuan Hotel Beijing 내에 레스토랑이 있나요?

    네, 호텔에서 먹을 수 있습니다.

  • Xiyuan Hotel Beijing 광대역 또는 Wi-Fi가 있습니까?

    예, 자세한 내용은 호텔 프런트 데스크에 문의하십시오.

  • Xiyuan Hotel Beijing 선불로 결제 하시겠습니까?

    저희에게 연락하기 전에 주문을 제출하십시오.

  • Xiyuan Hotel Beijing 신용카드로 결제하실 수 있으며?

    아니요, 호텔은받지 않습니다.

  • Xiyuan Hotel Beijing 의 아침 식사는 얼마입니까?

    식사 CNY98 / 사람.

  • Xiyuan Hotel Beijing 의 숙박 요금은 얼마인가요?

    집값에서 CNY548 위안이, 숙박 날짜나 호텔 정책 등에 따라 숙박 요금이 달라질 수 있습니다.

고객 후기 더
  • csicarol
    not bad
  • cevian
    The hotel is good, the service is satisfactory, and the breakfast is very good. I hope to continue to work hard in the future
  • beiweilan
    Second check-in, high praise
  • cs_swim
    It's convenient to live here every time
  • armwebb
    The auxiliary building is very quiet, small suite, very good
  • colin.sun
    Every time I come here, I live here. Except that the room is old, everything else is OK!
  • cling999
    The environment was very good, the service was quite good, and it was very close to the zoo
  • etienne
    Although it is an old hotel, the environment is still very good, clean and hygienic, good ventilation and lighting. The service was also very good!
  • ccy185
  • nanauity
    The price of the attached building is 658. The conditions are the same as those of more than 100 business hotels. It's too bad
  • Bob Wang
    Okay, okay
  • Dangling
    Five star is not the same. It's very good. The price is OK. The location is good. It's very convenient to take children to the zoo. The breakfast is also good. I'll order it here next time.
  • a214780316
    The poor service of the old hotel is the advantage of the location
  • flyingdna520
    Good location, small room, old facilities.
  • feng8301
    Cost effective
  • Benny-colgate
    Stay on business
  • angelemail
    The service attitude of the front desk staff needs to be improved. There are too few parking spaces in the hotel, and the hotel charges are too high. They have caught up with the price of more than 5 stars in the mainland!
  • bayan168
    The facilities are quite old. Breakfast is not included. There are a lot of foreigners
  • lipeiminga
    Convenient transportation, good service
  • leo mother
    Convenient transportation, very good facilities and environment, very considerate service
  • e00029263
    Friendly and considerate service
  • puccaT
    that 's ok
  • generels
    Good overall
  • laicwa
    It's five-star. When you get to the front desk, you say that the auxiliary building is three-star. When you open the door in the room, it tastes great. All kinds of sanitary facilities are very poor. It's not recommended to check in. Please see if it's the room type of the main building
  • jacole
    The swimming pool is too small for swimming exercise. It should be improved
  • arctos
    Convenient transportation, free upgrade means high parking fee
  • M00069599
    The service attitude of the hotel staff was good and the facilities were a little old
  • fynita15
    Affordable, complete facilities and convenient transportation
  • arlyne
    Be so careful
  • saliyy
    It's still very good. I stayed for two nights in a row and I feel very good! It's easy to go anywhere
  • e05927304
    Great. I just entered the room without permission
  • fengwu9099
    The room is nice, clean, well lit, and the facilities are OK. The key price also includes breakfast, which is very cost-effective!
  • bravexie
    The hotel facilities are old, and the sanitary conditions seem to be the same as the Express Hotel.
  • ganggege
    It's very close to Beijing Zoo and Beijing exhibition hall. Every time you go to the exhibition, you live here. It's an old five-star brand. It's relatively good to take a taxi downstairs. It's about 10 minutes to walk to the zoo subway station, and it's less than 15 minutes to walk to the moving batch and the North exhibition. Generally speaking, the facilities are old, and the price of small Suites is cheap, but the room type is very strange. There are no windows in the bedroom, which is inclined, and the bed is not big. There are many business guests living here, and many exhibitions are here
  • ajuned
  • yaw09
    Overall, it's pretty good, but it's a little expensive.
  • dididadade
    The facilities are old as you said. I hope they can be decorated.
  • comnl
    The price is OK, the quality is also good. Good location, convenient travel, a little distance from the subway, near Carrefour, Qingfeng baozi shop, Huguo Temple snacks. The service of the hotel was OK. Generally speaking, it was good. one
  • e00129091
    It's too noisy by the road
  • suiyimin
    It's old, so it looks old. The air conditioner is very loud. The room is so small
  • juliette_dai
    Mainly convenience
  • gaoyue0607
    Overall, the price is quite favorable in this region.
  • mobile
    Very good
  • Big Dog
    Not bad
  • wolfstetter
    The hotel is pretty good. Except that the facilities are a little old, everything else is good. I will choose it next time
  • elvaning
    The hotel facilities are very good! hygiene! It's only a few minutes away from the subway station. It's very convenient, especially to the summer palace, the Old Summer Palace, Tsinghua University and Peking University. Next time I come to Beijing, I will choose here.
  • lin135864
    It's a nice, cheap hotel. I've always stayed here
  • e00894600
    Good hotel location, good service
  • pengs282
    OK, the cost performance is pretty good
  • dy136
    The main building of the hotel is very good, but the service staff is very good.
  • abbyyj
    Not bad
  • darren2010
    The environment is very good! High cost performance!
  • mmccll1982
    not bad