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Xiyuan Hotel Beijing, belonging to Capital Tourism Group, is a large business hotel with various services at different level from 3-star to 5-star. With courtyard area of about 80,000 square meters and green area of 20,000 square meters, the hotel mainly consists of a 30-storey main building and ten 3-storey houses. The hotel has a good location: 35km away from the airport and 10km away from the railway station. It is located in the core area...More>>

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  • nanadamao
    Never live had such garbage of five-star hotel, sheets lane dirty has also to I money 100 Yuan to wash, is I pay of room in not including daily replaced sheets, Wash sheets of money? everywhere trying to pull guest of money, thought guest are is catch aircraft and train of too late and shop party theory, precisely I plenty of time. room is dirty, hot taps flow out of water was is like milk as of, such of five-star hotel you dare live did?
  • maitian
    Good, fair price
  • Simon Dong
    Good buffet
  • Bob Wang
    Good good
  • belling
    Scheduled for a friend! is said to be enough quality!
  • slimjim
    Provisional Ding of the Xiyuan Hotel, the hotel lobby is spacious and very stylish, but sanitation is poor, rain, head of aging, low water, into the room and Dome light will always be difficult to extinguish, storeroom clothes is not convenient ... more
  • wjirbj
    Executive floor, gift, fruit, and Executive Lounge for free, Nice!
  • coffeee
    Normal big bed room environment is very general.
  • dfadsf
    Which is very nice
  • saliyy
    Is still very good, I stayed two nights in a row, it feels good!
  • due_liu
    Very good hotel, very good facilities, service is also very good, travel more convenient. everyone in my family likes, to come to Beijing to live here.
  • Gavin Yeap
    Room environment
  • Baronmu
    It's OK.
  • maisieliu
    Because it is a business trip accompany old Gong Lai, lived in the hotel for 8 days ... ordered the Executive floor. First for said advantages: Hotel actually location pretty partial of, away from shichahai, Xidan, Palace, these place are is far of, but traffic compared convenient. around public station many, away from Metro station walk about 10 minutes. if staying administrative floors, so afternoon can to 23 floor of wine Gallery joy time. Although. actually hotel also no prepared what eat of, basic are is breakfast leftThings, but I'm out for the day by day, back can drink eat fruit, or feel very tired. So next I to said said number not of shortcomings has: 1) administrative floors breakfast is separate in wine Gallery eat of. breakfast varieties less! fruit not fresh! good times watermelon eat to of are is rotten of! also has this hotel of service is is drunk has! to coffee will forget to you end. to fried egg and noodles, Chef see foreigners on said will to sent to seat Shang.See Chinese, will allow you to come get it. I just rolled 10,000 eyes to the chef! have you service! 2) at the VIP reception staff is not professional! get our value as never had, like slow dying, finally failed us print boarding pass. Hotmail don't even know what. I would like to say you are young and out of touch with society is how much! 3) hotelStaff will not help you and ask for one. is our own station take a taxi on the road every day. the day dragged so much baggage, nor did he call him, and called my husband ran to the street car, somehow the service was speechless! 4) I met at this hotel staff 90[%] had a look of love you should ignore, this service does not know how to comment on five-star. the competition so intense, if not improve, there will always be eliminatedOne day.
  • E00213294
    High performance-price ratio, old facilities, service mark
  • eric2068
    Zoo easy. good eats in the neighborhood are many.
  • bearparty
    Convenient hotel.
  • e00124541
    Good location, first is convenient, next to Metro Line 4 and bus stop, then very close to nearby attractions, opposite the hotel is the Zoo, near the body and the Beijing Planetarium, living here is very convenient. hotel lobby is beautiful, from five-star room facilities there are gaps, but also warm and comfortable, to stay here next time.
  • janeliu1999
    Waiters talk too much
  • mny880
    Nice and comfortable, the service is also very good!
  • bjcandy_136
    Lobby was beautiful, room slightly small but very clean
  • tiemuer
    Convenient hotel services, the price is right, the hotel is especially convenient, is very convenient for shopping for dinner, the most important advantage is the price comparison, next time, also pushed friends over!
  • DDDD, brother
    Which is very nice
  • joannawang1113
    Accessibility, facilities,
  • jasperalec
    Location from the Department of housing construction near the hotel and convenient, the implementation of old, the service is good. it can be recommended.
  • e04526689
    Hotel environment, facilities can also be attached to building free up the main building, and service was good.
  • cuigl
    Service very good, to help foreign customers, feedback is the brain
  • diadora
    It's OK
  • bdtieo
    Is located in the Center, live on the sixth floor, facilities in an older building is around 60, but introduced is the creation of red, a sense of history. room size, clean.
  • liangyouyou
    Each time you travel to Beijing are staying this hotel, very convenient.
  • I am a wild child
    Good location, good service attitude, convenient to the Beijing Zoo
  • ly fat
    Colleagues very satisfied and this is my first choice for corporate travel hotel
  • jfecd
    Take the children to the play set, good location, easily accessible, convenient to the Zoo, breakfast is very good, that is breakfast, Chinese food varieties rarely, Western-style food is too expensive!
  • bearfatfat
    Annex building, very quiet and room size is not large enough, but the bathroom quite large, hotel old, obsolete facilities, room OK, waiter service and good attitude, very friendly, near from the Ministry of housing, work, less than a kilometer from Line 4 line, directly to the Beijing South railway station, very convenient
  • e00080482
    Because he is in the joy city next to less than 5 minute walk, and I'm going to the joy City shopping, so we set here.
    This mainly to the capital Stadium to watch figure skating competition, is very convenient, just opposite, left 7.8 minutes in the past, this hotel is an old brand, the hardware is old but still good, excellent service!
  • feiyun1208
    Who scheduled, you can also ... no bad feedback.
  • butty0218
    Surrounding restaurants shopping mall has, quite convenient.
  • A1222750025
    Which is very nice
  • Nordson
    Reserved for leaders
  • joey1678
    Beijing, expectations should not be too high..
  • a490131
    Environment is very good, service is also very good, a nice trip!
  • wmjason
    Hotel location is very good, good, good service, very comfortable bed ... was a very good trip. I hope we have the opportunity to stay at.
  • doracyy
    Convenient facilities that are there, quiet, service OK, great, because of flight delays, arrived at midnight or you can check in, overall I feel pretty good.
  • boxer
    Good good good good good good good good
  • fbjaswinder
    That's good
  • ara1988
    Very convenient transportation, close to the 4th Metro, where to go
  • nanono
    Well, for his friends, although a little trouble, but it can!
  • dingyuang
    Good location, facilities, excellent service, clean and tidy, high-end hardware level in the atmosphere.
  • e00134987
    Established five-star hotels, the service is still in place. the hotel environment is also very good, environment good, very close to the Zoo, the traffic is facilitated. generation reservation, guests are satisfied.