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The park in Beijing, has received 9.34 million visitors in the park

Date: 2019-10-11

After the closing of the park in Beijing on 503 hectares of land to build more than a different style, form diverse "YuanZhongYuan", while preserving and 230000 new trees.

Last more than five months of the park in Beijing on October 9, the closing.On October 8 of the Beijing organizing committee the park in the state council information office held a press conference, the international gardening event has received 9.34 million visitors in the park.

Beijing vice mayor, member of the Beijing organizing committee exposition, wanghong, deputy director of the commission, the Beijing exposition in more than 503 hectares of land to build hundreds of different style, form diverse "YuanZhongYuan", at the same time retain and 230000 new trees, horticultural products at home and abroad more than 8000 kinds, concentration shows more than 820 kinds of vegetables, fruit, Chinese herbal medicine, a vivid interpretation of the concept of human and the nature harmonious coexistence.

China flower association, deputy director of the Beijing organizing committee for the exposition, committee member, executive director of the board ze-hui jiang said that during the exhibition organizing the peony peony, Chinese rose, combined potted plant, bonsai, orchid, chrysanthemum, international competition and seven "fleurop interrflora world indoor flowers special competition.Special flower international contests, accumulative total attendance of more than 380.

The exposition also has become the important platform for international cultural exchange mutual learning.Period, a total of 3284 colorful cultural activities, National Day, honor, and provincial, national folk culture in the world, promoting the green industry cooperation and multicultural communication.

The park closing ceremony in Beijing, according to the Beijing organizing committee for the exposition is scheduled for late October 9, the allied leaders, international exhibitors, the global business community, horticultural famous experts will attend the closing ceremony.Currently the preparation is ready.

The park in Beijing is one of the most participating countries for A1 class world horticultural exposition, a total of 110 countries and international organizations, as well as including 31 provinces of China, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions, more than 120 unofficial exhibitors to participate.