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Date: 2014-12-03

Have many unique art Beijing waldorf astoria, fashion personality and full of youthful energy Beijing changan avenue W hotel, Beijing diaoyutai harmony and full of royal style hotel... These have opened in Beijing this year and is getting ready for the opening of the hotel, is the upscale hotel with dye-in-the-wood individual character more. What are the characteristics of the personalized high-end hotel? What is the difference between them and general star hotel?
This year, Beijing personalized luxury hotels focus. Located in the scenic baiyangdian hankou-beijing accord our house, the world's top luxury Hilton Hotel waldorf astoria has officially opened in Beijing. In addition, starwood hotel group's fashion boutique hotel Beijing changan avenue W hotel, Beijing diaoyutai of diaoyutai MGM hotel group harmony and a good selection of hotels, international group signed in Beijing, Montana KaiRuiHua sheng, resort hotels, as well as the sunrise east kempinski hotel Beijing, etc., will be at Beijing.
April 8, the Beijing municipal LvYouWei released the first quarter of the city travel agency, star hotel, basic data level traveling scenic area, Beijing has 576 star-rated hotels, of which 65 five-star hotel, a four-star hotel, 134, 4 star and the number of hotels in Beijing, many of the same hardware level, many upscale hotels have similar level of software and hardware, differentiation is not obvious.
Opened and high-grade hotel is getting ready for the opening of the new this year, contains a lot of boutique hotel, luxury hotel and vacationing industry, the common characteristics of the hotel is in the form or theme on individual character is dye-in-the-wood. We have learned, luxury hotels, vacationing industry such as hotels and boutique hotels more personalized and has local characteristics, in terms of hardware even more use of the new technology of hotel.
The personage inside course of study says, give priority to with holiday leisure visitors vacationing industry hotels, building near the natural scenic area, away from the downtown, seasonally strong, high environmental design requirements for the hotel area, form a complete set of requirements for recreational facilities more perfect, pay attention to the full integration of man and nature. Luxury hotels not only in hardware standards beyond the evaluation standard, and novelty on the hotel culture connotation. And boutique hotels generally emphasize "small and delicate," its rooms there is not much, but its interior decoration is very luxurious, unique. Boutique hotel on the services become more customized, generally used the housekeeper type service, service personnel and guest room is the ratio of 3:1, 4:1, even in the star hotel, this number is usually 1:1, most is 2:1.
Personalized luxury hotels VS high star hotel
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H and Ann went hotel Beijing
H and Ann went hotel Beijing is located in the east gate, the Summer Palace is a arcadia, adjacent to the Beijing landmark royal gardens. Hotel design consists of a series of institutional rally, some of it is more than one hundred years history of architecture. H and Ann went guest suite and derive the aesthetic features of traditional Chinese architecture, and the Summer Palace, the courtyard style decoration, bring the entire hotel classic noble atmosphere.
H and Ann went hotel Beijing to provide customers with different styles of accommodation environment, suite in the independent courtyard around, in the trees and flowers and tree-lined trails crisscrossed. Aesthetic concept of room decoration in the traditional material for inspiration, furniture and design in full compliance with the royal features, floor is made of Beijing golden ceramic tile laying, after polishing is the color of deep, most of the rooms with open roof, guests can directly see the wooden roof beam and structure column.